The Basics on Using a Condom, Sex Tips and Advice

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The Basics on Using a Condom, Sex Tips and Advice

1. Use new condoms with each sex act. Condoms have life of their own. Exposure to high heat like being left in a window sill or on a radiator as well as left in your car with freezing temperatures will weaken the condom and make it easier to break. Throw old unused condoms out.

2. Choose the right size condom. A small or too large condom might either break or slide off. Choose the right fit and experiment to get it right first. There's no point of finding out the condom isn't the right size while you're having sex.

3. If using a latex condom, use water soluble lube. These are the most prevalent on the market. If you have a latex allergy use polyurethane condoms and an oil based lubricant.

4. Squeeze the tip of the condom to remove excess air. Place on the hard penis and roll it down as far as it can go

5. After ejaculation, quickly remove the condom for an easier clean up while the penis is still hard. You have more leverage with a hard penis than soft one.

6. Be careful not to expose your partner to fluids after removing the condom. Then tie the condom up at the opposite end of the tips. Wash your hands and there it is!

These tips will help you stay safe and comfortable in your pursuit of great sex. Remember great sex starts in your mind. Experiment with types of sex. You don't have to have anal sex only. Try massaging, grinding and just holding each and appreciating each other. And when you're ready for anal sex use these precautions and have a great banging time!

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