Creating a Gay Dating Profile - Show Your Best Side

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Creating a Gay Dating Profile - Show Your Best Side

You've taken the plunge into a dating site and want to get started. The first thing to do is create a dating profile. A dating profile will let other members see what you want to present. It's a quick peek at you and should be packed with juicy facts so someone can find out if they're interested in you at a glance. Of course, there's much more to you but you want an eye catching attention grabbing profile and you'll get more lookers who want to see more. I'll give some examples of a great profile hooks.

A photo is a start. You can always do a little editing if you wish to remain anonymous. Simple tricks like a blindfold over your eyes will make you hard to distinguish but still able to see your face, hair etc. Dont' forget the net is a public domain. Some precautions are still needed. You don't want your face plastered on your job or somewhere else. I still don't see how cam people do it but they do. And for this picture you want great light. You want all of your best features to be seen. If you work out at the gym, for example, and have a great torso , put it out there and let it be seen. If you have large penis, a penis picture might do it too. In these cases, you will attract alot of viewers who want to see a great body or large penis. Gay men are always into these qualities. Ever hear of the terms "size queens" or "gym rats". So a great photo highlighting your best features is one thing. The next thing is a great description.

Your stats will describe what that special someone will get when the meet. An example is, 6' 180 lbs, masc. musc or 6' 200 , fem queen etc. . An honest great profile will go a long way in establishing a trusting relationship. If the relationship works out, your honest self assessment will be an asset in establishing a trusting relationship. Don't say you're masculine if you're a queen. Don't use photo that's several years old and you've since gained weight. If you profile is nothing like the real you prospective dates will wonder what else do you have going on that might not be quite right and doubt your credibilitiy. And regardless, a trusting relationship is always a benefit of any relationship. And finally , describe what you like and are looking for.

You may or may not be looking for a long term relationship. It might be a sex friend or activitiy pal but putting this in your ad will attract like minded individuals. Also describe your interests. These maybe movies, a favortie tv show, activities like jogging. One thing not to do is state what you don't like. Stating what you don't like is almost like judging those who have these qualities and will lessen your response rate and your goal is to attract as many potential dates as possible. A great statement is I work out three times a week, practice yoga and meditation and am open for an alternative relationship. This statement is stating a hint of flexibility on your part in any situation and flexibility is key. Afterall, you have to be flexible to meet in the first place.

A great profile will go a long way in getting many repsonses from those interested in meeting you. You have to take it from there but you have a foot in the door of potential mate and that's what you're looking for.

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