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Outpersonals Review - Meet Hot Gay and Bisexual Guys Live, in Webcams and Chatrooms
Outpersonals is the multifaceted gay bisexual dating site for men that has become it's own social media site. With over a million members you can easily see why. And when you join for free or paid membership you get much more than dating. Outpersonals has members broadcasting from their webcams. You can go cam to cam as a member or just browse. Chat in chatrooms. Check out hot personals, join special sex interest groups like twinks and daddies, Manly Men, Interracial and more. Place your own ad and watch the messages add up! And check out the hot magazine section with everything from gay sex stories to dating advice to a message board where members post questions and answers. Basic membership is free, but there are levels like Silver for $35 and Gold for $50 for three months or the annual at $120. When you factor cruising and dating costs and expenses over that time you see it's not very expensive at all.
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Outpersonals Reviews from Real Members
VanyaVanya said

I have been out and active in the M2M scene for nearly 30 years. After the end of a 16-year relationship, and the death of my 2nd partner, I found it hard to get back into the dating scene. Then I found OP's Manly-Men group.

The Manly-Men group gave me the opportunity to meet lots of great guys and to hook up with me with similar interests as mine, particularly other men! I became a Calendar Guy on M-M, wrote the jingle for the group, and was asked to lead discussions! I continue to be active in the discussions and find that I rank second only to the group moderator for number of postings to the group.

My interests continued to grow (as did the bulge in my pants) and I began exploring OP in general. I wrote my first blog, added to the polls, and became a defacto expert on health and sexuality on the magazine. I feel as though some of the guys who post regularly are part of my online family (although I'd prefer to have sex with all of these guys than to have them be part of my family!).

Participating in OP gives me much joy. It's damn fun, gives me the chance to explore my beliefs and feelings, provides a pool of sexy, hot, horny men to fuck around with, and helps me to feel like I'm contributing to my community. Who could ask for anything more?But of most importance, OP has given me a voice as an openly gay, proud, Midwestern, hairy, husky, nearly-50-year-old man! Thank you, OP, for letting the real Vanya-Vanya stand up!

Vanya-Vanya aka John aka "The Amazing Vanya"

Angrycoc83 said

Let me start by saying a big thank you to Outpersonals. Thanks to OP, I have found the man of my life on here, actually he found me!

In short, this is my story:

I was broadcasting my cam, he paged me. We started to chat to each other. Then from complete strangers, we became very good friends and eventually this friendship became a love relationship. Of course we met and the feelings we have for one another is stronger than what we thought it would be. Our love is like that special feeling we have for one another that one can really experienced until one meet that special someone who is like a dream in reality and being with that person makes you think:"Am I dreaming or is this reality?". Now, we are well and truly living this dream in reality, thanks to OP. Words cannot convey my gratitude to OP, thank you, thank you and thank you again coz my gratitude is endless.

I wish everybody good luck on OP, and if you are looking for your soulmate, believe in yourself, believe in destiny and please always be honest to one another coz love, well true love, it will find its way.

To love and be loved in return, is the best feeling your heart can ever experienced. We have experienced it and I hope you will too. May you find that special person with whom you can truly be yourself and live the life you have always been dreaming of together. All my good wishes to you all and remember to always being honest. If you have not found your heart delight yet, go and look for him now coz he is there somewhere waiting for you and I hope with all my heart you will find him or he will find you!

Good luck to you all and thank you for taking your time to read the story of my life! Take care xxx

Read Members Hot Sex Stories and Sex Adventures at Ouptersonals

I meet a top on line and we agree to meet for a few drinks. I'm sitting at a table and I see him approaching. About 6'4", 230 with a goatee. He's not handsome but is rugged looking. We have a half dozen drinks and talk for almost 3 hours. He leans over and whispers that he's been watching my ass each time I get up to go to the men's room and he can't wait to get me to a hotel room.

He has brought a few videos with him. There is a video player in the room and we both enjoy watching them. He puts one in and we sit together and watch. The third scene has a top who's hung about nine inches, and very thick. After a few minutes of oral he pushes the cute little twink he's with down and, after about three minutes of slow work, has all nine inches buried. My dick is rock hard by now and I reach over and put my hand on my top stud's crotch. I can tell thru the jeans that he's huge. He stands in front of me and drops his jeans. His cock bigger than the guy in the movie. My heart pounds as I drop to my knees. Not using my hands I go to his big balls first, kissing, licking, then slowly work up the bottom of his shaft until I reach the big, mushroom head. I wrap my lips around and start to suck. I tast the drop of pre-cum as I take as much of him in my mouth as I can. He is so thick I can't get my hand all the way around.

He orders me to undress and lay my upper body on the bed with my feet on the floor. He kneels behind me and slaps my ass with his big hands then slowly pulls my cheeks apart and starts to lick my tight, little asshole. After a few minutes I'm moaning and squirming. "Fuck me baby. Fuck me deep and hard with that big dick." He stands up and I hear the lube squirt into his hand. He slides two of his big fingers into my ass, lubing and loosening it in preparation for what is to come. "Oh baby, please fuck me now." He says, "Don't worry, that sweet ass is going to get a world class fucking tonight." He pushes the head of his big dick into me and slowly, slowly works his monster cock into me. I moan with pleasure as he screws it slowly into me until it is buried. Then he grinds my ass, fucking me deeply for what seems an hour. We begin to build to orgasm and he fucks faster, and harder. He pulls out and blows a huge load